Prepare Yourself For A New Fresh Start This SPRING

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How to prepare yourself for the spring season so that you too, have a new fresh beginning.

So how prepare for spring? A New beginning, a fresh start?

Let’s reflect and review the following:
Your Relationships, Your Home, Your Health, but over all, you as a whole. A whole spirit, a person on borrowed time on this earth,…

What needs a change? What do you hope to improve or blossom this spring?

Listen in as it’s probably the first start to a NEW FRESH YOU FOR SPRING.

Let me know what you all think.  #AllThingsPositive & #NewFreshBeginnings

Clear Design, Introduction to Carlos Platero

Clear Design

Welcome to Clear Design!

I have created an introduction podcast to our show.  Listen in to find out more about designer Carlos Platero.

A true designer at heart & mind. Helping you design a better lifestyle #AllThingsPositive

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Bi & Strong


For those that need a bit more information on bisexuality, here is a comprehensive video on that topic by R.J Aguiar and following it, a wonderful article from Huffington Post.

I agree with Straight, Gay or even Bi, frankly who cares. It’s your sexual business at the end of the day (or anything of the day for that matter).   Just let love and let go of any title or stigmas.

Enjoy R.J’s video, may help you with any Bi question you may have.

Fun video.

Carlos Platero Jr.

Article by Sarah Barness:

If you think bisexuality is a gateway to being gay, or assume someone who identifies as bi is indecisive or lying to themselves, just stop. Stop right there.

In a video posted to YouTube July 7, online personality R.J. Aguiar provides a comprehensive, yet hilarious, explanation of what it means to be bisexual. Hopefully his spot-on explanation puts to rest the debate over bisexuality.

“First off, bisexuality exists,” Aguiar says in response to a reader’s doubts about his sexuality.

“These people [who ask narrow-minded questions about bisexuality] are the ones who like to think in binaries,” he goes on to explain. “When you’re little, binaries are all right because they are your first stepping stone to understanding how the world works.”

Eventually, he adds, one should realize the world doesn’t consist entirely of binaries like night and day, big and small, short and tall. There is a spectrum of times between night and day, just as there is a spectrum of sexualities between gay and straight, he says.

One of the most important takeaways from this video message, however, is that sexual identification is a personal matter that does not require justification or verification from others.

“It’s your job to go after what you want and what makes you happy,” says Aguiar. “It’s not your job to always be explaining yourself to other people. Especially when it comes to stuff that really isn’t any of their business to begin with.”

Amen to that.

Social Media is Changing your Brain Right Now. ;-)

My brain is releasing dopamine as I type this out. Here is a cute educational 3 min video for all you social media followers. It’s good to know, type of information.

I don’t think we will be returning to chalk board and text books anytime soon, so lets be aware of our surroundings and what we will be doing to our brains for the rest of our lives.

….. ahhhh really enjoy writing to this out!   Now back to the morning coffee.   (you need to watch the video to understand my comments folks.  LOL

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This is your brain:

This is your brain on social media:
smiley face

Generally speaking, humans are social creatures, but according to AsapSCIENCE, in-person communication doesn’t quite scratch the same itch as online interactions via social media. For its latest video, the popular YouTube channel broke down five ways social media affects the human brain. The clip touches on social media’s addictive properties, as well as how it may actually help us build stronger relationships.

For the most part, the video’s conclusions are in line with other, more in-depth reports on how the Internet in general affects the brain. But fear not; the Internet isn’t completely turning our brains to mush: A 2008 study found searching the Web may actually increase brain function in middle-aged and older adults.