10 Most Unexpected Ways to Be Happy.. Backed by Science

The 10 Most Unexpected Ways to Be Happy, Backed By Science


This is a must see for a new week. I agree with all the following posted here on Time.com.

I personally have #4 closest to me. Wether you get a therapist on board, or have an unbiased friend at your side, you will be amazed how an outside (of your head) advise will really help you have perspective on where you are and where you may be heading.


Daily Routine

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found your daily routine.”  

With this I add a bit about myself. I read this a while ago, and with the idea of changing my life for the better, i decided to take this to heart.  I began changing several things in my life, from health decisions to a routine on how I approached the day. I will be your testimonial, that if you do take yourself serious enough to want to change something, you can. Here is a quick list of what I made into a routine and why:

1- Drink 16 oz of water in the morning for I drink or eat anything else  Why: cleanses your body of all toxins and waste.


2- 10 minutes of meditation or reflection every morning before I face the world either in person or virtual through my electronics at hand. Why?:  Help gets perspective on your day. As well help you realize what would make today great and how to aim for it best in your day. When I meditate, I don’t mean I chant in the middle of my floor, it means, i take 10 minutes of quite thinking time and really map out my day and wishes for the next 20 hours. …. couple of deep breaths wouldn’t hurt. LOL


3 – I leave the house with healthy snacks and water.  Why?:  With today’s economy, purchasing your snacks at a supermarket will not only save you money but help you eat and make healthier choices. I usually stock my pantry with Kind bars or some sort of nuts. Throughout my day, in today’s busy life we all make for each other, keeping healthy snacks around you is important. it fuels your with you have to starve and make wrong choices later.


What are some routines you have made for yourself?

Or think about adopting these.    Drink water in the morning, Give yourself 10 mins of meditation or reflection of whats ahead, and Leave your home with healthy snacks.

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