I’m Back & Feeling Accomplished

Hello friends,
As you may have seen, I had be gone for quite a bit. Not only was I down due to some medical ‘problemos’ (which I seem to be improving or hopefully over), but as well I had locked myself out of my server.  So sorry for the no blogging for quite some time.
Though it seems I have come back with an amazing energy & drive  to continue where I left off.  Not only did this amazing genius at #GoDaddy (Joe) help me get back up and running, but I as well got the energy to hit the gym.  So I did.
I’m feeling accomplished.
You don’t have to feel accomplished for changing the world, are making your life a bright  shiny diamond, but yet, simply doing something you knew you had in you to do, and did it.
What did you accomplish today?
Love Yourself Carlos Platero
plural noun: accomplishments
  1. something that has been achieved successfully.
    “the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment”
    synonyms: achievementactdeedexploitperformanceattainmenteffortfeat,movecoup

    “the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment”
    • the successful achievement of a task.
      “the accomplishment of planned objectives”
    • an activity that a person can do well, typically as a result of study or practice.
      “long-distance running was another of her accomplishments”

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